VMC is committed to be a company where 

  • Our Customers want to do business 
  • Our Employees are proud to work  
  • Shareholder value is created



  • Our designs must express the core emotions of these people.  
  • We hold growth in quality and human values above size and profit.  
  • Our employees shall feel treasured with the knowledge that we care deeply about their personal condition.  
  • Our vendors shall sense we are different in the way that we deal with them and show concern for their needs.  
  • Our customers and representatives shall delight in doing business with us because of our quality and exemplary service.  
  • Our company culture shall encourage and motivate people, to give them opportunities to stretch their horizons and to treat them with dignity.  
  • We will always be concerned over the welfare of our people, the quality and purpose of our products and our integrity as an organization. 
  • We have a unique opportunity to make a difference in our world.